Ottobre Woman — wrap contest!

About three or four years ago I discovered Ottobre Design and their wonderful pattern magazine. As my kids are well out of their children’s sizes, I just subscribe to Ottobre Woman, which comes out twice a year. (There are also four issues a year of children’s patterns.) The autumn/winter issue just arrived, and features this interesting wrap:

Ottobre Woman, Autumn/Winter 5/2010

The wrap can be worn at least eight different ways as pictured on their blog. It can take a basic outfit and pump it up to “wow” which is great for work. With a long-sleeve t-shirt and a knit wrap, I can be as comfy as if I’m wearing pajamas but look dressy for work. This I like! 😀

I love this issue! I’ve been looking for a pattern for a nice, classic, princess-line long wool coat. Check. (They also have it in a shorter jacket style.) I’ve also wanted some classic pants for work (check), and some nice blouses and tops for work (double-check), and I’ve been losing weight and need some cute workout wear (check again)! I love everything offered in my size in this issue. (I also love it that my size is now smaller, LOL!) 😀

They are holding a drawing for a wrap and tunic made to your measurements, and two viscose/wool wraps! Enter by commenting at their blog,

(Today’s message was brought to you by Ottobre Design and the letters “O” and “D”.)


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I've been sewing since I was three. Back then I made awesome (to a three-year-old!) gowns for Barbie. Nowadays I make clothes for myself and costumes for the local high school drama productions. I also work full-time and have two kids (high school and college age).
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