My Prettiest Machine :-)

Every once in a while, we all just want to brag a bit…on our smartest dog, bravest kid, or…prettiest sewing machine.

This is my prettiest sewing machine, a Jones Medium CS treadle from about 1935. When I got it, I thought all the decals were gone – but they were just hidden under a thick layer of grime. With some gentle cleaning (sewing machine oil on an old t-shirt), this is what appeared:

Jones Medium CS

Jones Medium CS treadle

Isn’t it gorgeous? Who would’ve thought all those beautiful decals were sitting there, under years of grime. Certainly not me!

Two other things I like about this machine: it has a true “reverse” lever, and it has pretty decals on the legs, too!

And so this is my “prettiest” machine. 🙂

(Today’s message was brought to you by Jones Medium CS and the letters J, M, C, and S!)


About DragonflyUnlimited

I've been sewing since I was three. Back then I made awesome (to a three-year-old!) gowns for Barbie. Nowadays I make clothes for myself and costumes for the local high school drama productions. I also work full-time and have two kids (high school and college age).
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One Response to My Prettiest Machine :-)

  1. Lyn Deutsch says:

    love that vintage sewing machine!
    your site was linked to one of my articles…

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