Happy Countdown Day!

I freely admit this post is late. I really should have made it when I thought of it — yesterday at least, if not the day before.

But in those countries that write the abbreviation for the year first, then the month and day, yesterday was “Countdown Day.” And 7:06:05 in the morning was especially significant…it was:
10.9.8 7:06:05!

Happy belated Countdown Day!

(This message was brought to you by the numbers 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5!)

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My Prettiest Machine :-)

Every once in a while, we all just want to brag a bit…on our smartest dog, bravest kid, or…prettiest sewing machine.

This is my prettiest sewing machine, a Jones Medium CS treadle from about 1935. When I got it, I thought all the decals were gone – but they were just hidden under a thick layer of grime. With some gentle cleaning (sewing machine oil on an old t-shirt), this is what appeared:

Jones Medium CS

Jones Medium CS treadle

Isn’t it gorgeous? Who would’ve thought all those beautiful decals were sitting there, under years of grime. Certainly not me!

Two other things I like about this machine: it has a true “reverse” lever, and it has pretty decals on the legs, too!

And so this is my “prettiest” machine. 🙂

(Today’s message was brought to you by Jones Medium CS and the letters J, M, C, and S!)

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Ottobre Woman — wrap contest!

About three or four years ago I discovered Ottobre Design and their wonderful pattern magazine. As my kids are well out of their children’s sizes, I just subscribe to Ottobre Woman, which comes out twice a year. (There are also four issues a year of children’s patterns.) The autumn/winter issue just arrived, and features this interesting wrap:

Ottobre Woman, Autumn/Winter 5/2010

The wrap can be worn at least eight different ways as pictured on their blog. It can take a basic outfit and pump it up to “wow” which is great for work. With a long-sleeve t-shirt and a knit wrap, I can be as comfy as if I’m wearing pajamas but look dressy for work. This I like! 😀

I love this issue! I’ve been looking for a pattern for a nice, classic, princess-line long wool coat. Check. (They also have it in a shorter jacket style.) I’ve also wanted some classic pants for work (check), and some nice blouses and tops for work (double-check), and I’ve been losing weight and need some cute workout wear (check again)! I love everything offered in my size in this issue. (I also love it that my size is now smaller, LOL!) 😀

They are holding a drawing for a wrap and tunic made to your measurements, and two viscose/wool wraps! Enter by commenting at their blog, http://ottobredesign.blogspot.com/.

(Today’s message was brought to you by Ottobre Design and the letters “O” and “D”.)

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My first post…

This is a new venture for me, getting started on a real blog. I hope  to share several things here:

  1. Sewing projects, hints, tips, and the occasional tutorial.
  2. Healthy living accountability – I am taking steps to live a healthier life and want to have a way to remain accountable.
  3. Knitting projects and ideas.
  4. Other things as they occur to me!

I hope to begin sharing these things soon. Until then — “watch this space!”

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